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Oxford University Doctor Discovers Breakthrough Research...That Immediately Switches Off Male Acne & Works 1400% Better Than Other Drugs

In this short, heart-felt letter, I'm going to reveal secrets about acne that most men will never know, including...

  • Why male acne is 1,400% harder to treat than women’s acne. Therefore, 99% of all existing acne treatments may not work for you. Worse still, those that may kinda work for you can have severe side-effects including making you bald, suicidal and sexually impotent.
  • Most importantly, if you suffer from male acne and would like to get rid of it fast-and-furiously... then I’ll share with you revolutionary breakthrough research... that immediately shuts down the root cause of acne... and is astonishing men in 18 countries with its amazing results.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Hi, my name is Dr. Asim Akhtar and if you'd like to reach me after reading my short message you can call me at 1(855)658-9632. My office is located at 584 Broadway in New York City, so pop by and say hi if you're in the neighborhood. Right now, I'd like to take you by the hand where I'll reveal how you've been lied to about what causes acne, and how you can finally get the clear skin you deserve once and for all..."

"A Little Bit About Me & How I Can Help You Get Rid of Your Acne" 

First, allow me to establish my credibility so you can convince yourself deep within... for your own reasons... as to why you should believe that I can help you get rid of your acne.

I am the youngest doctorate graduate from the University of Oxford in England since it was established back in the year 1096.

My medical research has been published in 12 of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.

(PLOS One, Circulation, Atherosclerosis Thrombosis & Vascular Biology, Atherosclerosis, Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, European Heart Journal, Theranostics, Journal for the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Journal of Blood Flow Metabolism, British Cardiovascular Society, American Heart Association)

Some of the world’s top male athletes... competing in the most brutal sports known to man... are my clients.

They include Tyrone Spong, also known as "The King of the Ring," the astounding 10-time world champion in kick boxing!

And Kamaru Usman, also known as the "Nigerian Nightmare," who is a National Champion, Olympic Champion, and winner of the Ultimate Fighter on FOX 

My inventions and interviews have been featured in the New York Times, The New York Post, ABC News, GQ Magazine, The Times (England), Daily Telegraph (England) and 300 hundred other media publications.

My medicinal formulations have won prestigious awards by GQ Magazine, Esquire Magazine’s Groom Award and Men’s Health Magazine’s Grooming Award.

My product innovations are flying off the shelves in the world’s most prestigious stores in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, the European Union and the United Arab Emirates, in stores such as Macy's, Barney's New York, Shoppers Drug Mart, Douglas Pharmacies, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Selfridges, House of Fraser, and the Alfred Dunhill Spa.

More importantly, like you, I’m a young man. You see, I grew up as a chubby, introverted kid with acne. I had acne on my back, chin, upper lip and forehead. I dreaded shaving because I would inadvertently cut my pimples and have them bleed... leaving scars on my face. I was afraid of being judged as a "dork" by the other kids (especially the hot girls) in my school. If you saw me in high school, there's no doubt that even you, being the kind person you are, would label me as a "dork" or that "science nerd" - hell, you would probably give me a wedgie and shove me down the stairs during passing period, calling me pizza-face while laughing through the hallways.

Having acne is brutal, I'm not going to sugar coat it - I know, because I lived it first hand. What's worse is running around as an adolescent kid, hormones raging like a bull in a china shop, wanting to pounce on the next cute girl that came my way, only to have them laugh at my 'sexual advances.' 

Feeling inadequate, sexually frustrated, and genuinely pissed off - I knew I had to do something about my acne, that confidence killing acne that was ruining my life socially, sexually, and emotionally. But how?

"The Story Behind My Search for a Remedy" 

I tried anything and everything to cure my acne. Some of the stuff worked some of the times... but soon enough my acne was back... with a bang! My sister on the other hand was able to miraculously treat her breakouts using only basic drugstore products. I knew something was different with men’s acne… but wasn’t sure about the exact difference till later on.

My saving grace was that I was a science nerd. ​I was taking advanced placement classes at Brown University when other kids my age were figuring out basic science. I completed an entire year of collegiate-level organic chemistry at Harvard University in 3 short months, while my peers were struggling with basic biology.

I got accepted to the University of Oxford in England – one of the best universities in the world. Its a bit self-gratifying to admit - Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Oscar Wilde, David Ogilvy, Margaret Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch, and Stephen Hawking are some of my fellow alums.

At Oxford, my mentor was the world’s leading authority on inflammation in the world. One day an acne product dropped out of my backpack. He said even if I used the product for the next 50 years I wouldn’t be able to get rid of my acne.

"Why?'" I asked. He said "If drugstore brands knew EXACTLY how to fix acne, wouldn't you already have a clear face? I mean - there are tons of products out there that claim to eliminate acne, but why is your face still full of it?"

I was intrigued. After a year of research (for obviously personal reasons) here is what I found:

"Most Acne Medications Treat The Symptoms of Acne & Not The Cause" 

The conventional explanation goes as such:

1. Acne is caused by an increased production of sebum (oil) under the skin’s surface.

2. This leads to a clogging of the sebaceous gland that produces the sebum.

3. The trapped sebum gets infected with bacteria.

4. The growing bacterium pushes up from under the skin, causing a pimple to appear on the skin’s surface.

However, this theory is wrong because it assumes you can treat acne by drying out the oil. It’s a scientific fact: getting rid of oily skin is just a temporary fix. Ironically, your body will produce more sebum to compensate for the skin’s dryness... thereby leading to more acne.

Here's Proof: In a revolutionary study done by Dr. Ichiro Kurkawa & Dr. William Danby at the Dartmouth Medical School and published in the Journal of Experimental Dermatology, the doctors proved...

"The Entire Medical Community Has Been Wrong About What Causes Acne" 

They found there is no direct link between oily skin and acne formation. And as importantly they found no proof that increased P. Acnes bacteria (the bacteria most often linked to acne) causes acne on the skin’s surface.

Ironically, conventional acne medication such as benzoyl peroxide (the most prescribed acne medication) works by drying up the oil on the surface of your skin... and... disinfecting the bacteria on the skin’s surface. Most people report severe dryness to the point that their skin starts to peel and flake, causing the skin to produce more oil and even more acne.

"Benzoyl Peroxide Does the Opposite of What It's Supposed To Do" 

In 2012, the FDA (Food & Drug Admiration) changed benzyl peroxide from a category-1 acne treatment to a category-3. This means the safety of the drug is unknown. This comes as no surprise because the drug is so strong that it instantly bleaches your hair and clothing. To make matters worse, benzoyl peroxide has been shown to generate cancer-causing free radicals in the skin.

Another medication prescribed for acne is sulfur. When I was finishing my doctorate at Oxford, we would use sulfur to cause apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death, in cells we were growing on petri dishes. (Journal of Mutation Research). I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is to program my skin cells to die.

Listen, I have studied medicine for most of my life. I have immense respect for what the medical field has done in curing many diseases. However, the acne prescription medication called Accutane is one of the 5 most dangerous drugs known to man, period (Harvard University:

Men taking Accutane report severely dry skin, to the point it begins to chap and fall off. Worse still, Accutane artificially changes your testosterone (the male hormone) levels to try and force your skin to produce less oil. Fluctuating testosterone levels (as a result of taking Accutane) leads to hair loss, loss of muscle tone and...

"A Difficulty Getting An Erection" 

Let me reiterate... the conventional theory of acne being caused by excess oil is false. Therefore, any medication that claims to work by drying out your skin will not work.

Here is proof: According to the FDA, using conventional acne medication gives you a less than 30% chance of seeing permanent clearance of your acne. (The U.S. FDA:

The question that then needs to be asked is...

1. What is the TRUE Root cause of Acne?

2. More importantly, how do you switch-off the cause of you switch-off your light switch.

Listen, the root cause of acne is inflammation caused by hormonal changes.

Allow me to explain: The ancient Greeks described inflammation as “the internal fire.” Anyone who has cut, sprained or burned themselves has experienced pain, heat, redness and swelling — the sure signs of acute inflammation.

The source of inflammation is where the real BIG differences between men’s and women’s acne truly lies.

Female acne is caused by a fluctuation of hormone levels. You may observe women breaking out close to their monthly periods… in other words… hormonal inflammation.

Have you ever heard of a case where a young woman goes on a regimen of birth control pills for the first time and her acne disappears almost overnight? When women get this under control, they’re often three-quarters of the way to winning their battle against acne.

We men on the other hand are more likely to have more severe, longer lasting acne. (Dr. Wei, et al. Dermatology 2014) That’s because when a man hits puberty – he starts producing a lot of testosterone... the male sex hormone. This is the hormone that gets you those diamond-cutter, rock-hard erections. It makes your voice crack from that of a boy to a man. It makes you hairy and develop muscles.

However, one of the side effects of a testosterone spike in your body is...

"Inflammation Under The Surface of The Skin" 

This is how acne is really formed in men:

  1. An increase in testosterone causes inflammation
  2. Inflammation causes the body to produce more sebum (oil)
  3. When the body produces more oil...the sebaceous glands get clogged because of excessive production of sebum.
  4. Due to this clogging, the sebaceous glands get infected with bacteria.
  5. The bacteria-infected sebum pushes it's way to the outer surface of the skin causing acne ​and breakouts.

Once again, a testosterone surge in men at the onset of puberty causes inflammation... the root cause of acne. For evidence take a look at...

"Bodybuilders Who Take Steroids to Artificially Skyrocket Their Testosterone Levels"

One of the biggest side-effects of a testosterone spike is severe acne.

As you can see, the more testosterone you have the more of a man you are. However, you also will tend to have more acne.

(image adapted from:

"If You Suffer From A Lot of Acne Then Congratulate Yourself For Being A  High Testosterone Man"

In addition to testosterone causing inflammation (the root cause of acne) we also get inflammation due to stress, naturally oily skin, toxins, UV rays from the sun, shaving, and harmful chemicals present in common skin care and shaving products.

So, if you’re shaving regularly, have naturally oily skin, already suffer from breakouts and are a “manly” guy producing high levels of testosterone, you have 4 sources of inflammation that cause acne.

Worse still, testosterone in men causes your skin to produce 70% more oil and to grow 30% thicker than women. (Source: American College of Dermatology) Now 30% may not sound like a significant difference, but when you consider that the average man’s epidermis (top layer of skin) is 1.3 millimeters thick and the average pimple is about 12.7 millimeters thick...

A man suffering from acne has skin that is a total of 14.0 millimeters thick or 1,400% thicker than your average woman. (Source Web MD 2012)

This extra thickness makes actually getting to the source of acne-causing inflammation in men’s skin virtually impossible for conventional acne treatments.

That’s because just about every acne product is designed for women’s thinner skin. How on earth can it then penetrate our thicker, oilier hairier skin to eliminate breakouts? It can’t and that’s the problem. In order to stop breakouts for good, you must...

"Deliver Anti-Inflammatories Deep In The Sebaceous Glands Where Inflammation Originates" 

You would think that most major companies would know this and create products to specifically target male acne at its source, right?

Unfortunately no. Listen, just about every acne product on the market today is designed with women’s skin in mind. According to a 2013 Mintel Consumer Report, the women’s skincare market is valued at 30X the value of the men’s market. The skincare industry views women as their primary consumers… and secretly hopes us guys will never do our own research and find out the truth.

Developing truly specialized treatments for men takes research, time and money. Think about it – have you ever seen any acne treatment out there that claims to be capable of penetrating men’s thicker skin and is specifically designed to reduce the inflammation that is at the source of acne breakouts?

The answer is an unfortunate resounding...NO!

This makes eliminating acne in men’s skin an impossible task for virtually every single conventional acne treatment on the market today. Using these women’s treatments makes your acne come back... again-and-again… day-after-day… year-after-year.

To get rid of your acne and get clear skin, you must reduce inflammation deep beneath the skin, in the sebaceous glands.

Therefore, frustrated with the skin care industry that primarily caters to women and even more so, has the whole science wrong on acne’s root cause... I’ve developed my own system.

Introducing: Kyoku for Men's Acne Elimination System

This one of a kind, revolutionary acne kit is a step-by-step 3 product system clinically designed to:

  • Get you acne free skin in as little as 14 days using our penetrative Microparticle Technology that stops acne deep beneath men's thick, oily skin
  • Reduce the number and severity of breakouts using just 3 products in as little as 5 minutes per day
  • Rapidly improve skin's appearance by unclogging pores 
  • Help prevent future acne flare ups by shutting off the engine that drives breakouts: inflammation in the sebaceous glands

"My boyfriend has had acne since high school, since I've known him! Now through college he's tried CerVe, ProActiv, XOUT, Clearasil, Neutrogena, and Murad. None of it worked. It also left his skin DRY so he stopped using treatment all together and it just got worse. Both of us heard about Kyoku from our classmate. In two weeks I noticed right away his skin was CLEARER.

And it comes with a moisturizer that doesn't leave his skin too dry! After a month his acne is totally GONE! He looks much hotter and I don't remember the last time he had such clear skin. He's more confident in both his job and with friends." Cameron C., Kansas City, MO

“I have been suffering from cystic hormonal acne on my cheeks and forehead since I was 10. This was socially exasperating as I was going through college and having a face full of acne was always a confidence-breaking thing for me.

After trying many products, my skin had become extremely flaky, dry and itchy. Then I stumbled upon “Kyoku’s Advanced Acne Elimination Kit” which turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

After using it for 2 months, I really witnessed a great change and I do believe that it helped in healing my acne substantially. It has not only cleared my acne but also helped me in getting rid of dry skin. Now, my confidence is back up and I am very happy with my life. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who is facing a frustrating acne problem!” -Ahmed A., Chicago, IL

"Here is How The System Stops Acne Fast & Furiously" 

​STEP #1

Men’s skin can be as much as 30% thicker than women’s skin, and when men break out, their skin swells around the acne site (up to 1,400% more than your average woman!). This blocks access to the deepest layers of the skin even further…which is where the source of acne-causing inflammation lives.

Our system works by first eliminating the excess oil and blocked pores through regular use of a specialized cleanser, which reduces the size and appearance of pimples and gets rid of the skin’s shiny / oily appearance the moment you start using it!

​STEP #2

Next, our acne-fighting mud mask completely eliminates your blackheads, whiteheads, and breakouts by decreasing inflammation and repairing your skin from the inside out. Your skin looks and feels much healthier, clearer, and the size of your pimples are reduced in as little as 3 days…

Meanwhile, all of these products have allowed your pores to open up for the Facial Moisturizer to do it’s magic using targeted Microparticle Technology that turns off the engine driving acne: inflammation in the sebaceous glands deep beneath the skin’s surface.

​STEP #3

Because acne-causing inflammation has been stopped at the source (and not just the symptoms like most conventional acne treatments), your skin is instantly clearer, your breakouts are banished, and you get to enjoy clearer, smoother, healthier looking skin for good without ever having to worry about pimples, zits, or acne ever again…GUARANTEED

Watch the video below to see our products in action...

"World-Famous Medical Doctor Astonished By Breakthrough Results of Dr. Akhtar's Acne Treatment On Her Patients" 

Dr. Rachita Narsaria MD Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine

The entire multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry hasn’t been able to treat male acne successfully. Dr. Akhtar has single-handedly created a path-breaking product.

He’s pinpointed the root cause of male acne - inflammation caused by testosterone. Yes, men produce 10 times more testosterone than women.

Dr. Akhtar has developed a most effective and powerful solution to treat male acne at it’s root cause. I recommend Kyoku to all my male patients suffering from acne. No other topical acne product has helped reduce acne, white heads, blackheads and even blemishes as effectively as this one does!

My patients have seen some amazingly positive results that are consistently surprising.
Before you see come see me or any other doctor to treat your acne... I recommend you try this product first. Chances are high you won’t need a doctor because Kyoku will treat your acne successfully.

Dr. Eric Wood Naturopathic Physician & Associate Professor of Holistic Nutrition - Hawthorne University

"When it comes to the world of acne care, few skin care companies are drawing both from the realms of traditional dermatology and herbal medicine.

Thankfully Kyoku has bridged that gap, bringing innovative acne care to men across the globe. Combining repudiated standard acne care ingredients like salicylic acid with natural anti-inflammatory agents such as calendula and oats (long known for being soothing to skin in traditional naturopathic medicine), Kyoku is advancing acne care for men into the twenty-first century with formulations that are science-based, effective, and yet gentle.

Too often acne care products leave skin overly dried, irritated, and even inflamed, as they strip away natural oils from the skin without rehydrating and protecting the skin. While potent enough to tackle nagging problems like breakouts, clogged pores and excess oil production, Kyoku should not cause ‘collateral damage’ while it treats your acne.

Another unique benefit of their products is that Kyoku recognizes the unique differences in men’s vs. women’s skin—namely that it is thicker and oilier. Thus, traditional dermatological treatments and products used for women’s skin care issues don’t always work as well for guys.Using specialized liposomal technology in its products to help penetrate and nourish this thicker skin, Kyoku gives men everywhere a real skin care solution made for them, not their wives or girlfriends.This is a no mess, no fuss skin care for guys that blends traditional naturopathic herbal medicine all-stars with 21st Century Dermatology.

If you’re a man who is suffering from acne and just wants to look and feel good about yourself without an overly complicated or harsh skin care ritual, I’d highly recommend Kyoku for Men as a scientifically sound and innovative skin care solution.”

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"Don't Take Our Word For It, Hear What A Couple of the 100,000+ Guys We've Helped Get Acne Free Skin Have To Say" 

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We understand that you’ve tried many remedies for your acne before, only to be disappointed time and time again, so you may be uncertain if Kyoku’s Acne Elimination Kit will be any different. 

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  • Whether that cute girl you've been trying to go out with is looking at your acne, or at you...
  • Your family & friends constantly asking you why you're acne hasn't gone away...

After using Kyoku’s Acne Kit for just 5 minutes a day, you’ll put your skincare on total autopilot and have acne free skin, for good!

You’ll finally start enjoying 100% acne free skin and the bulletproof confidence that comes along with it!

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To get started with Kyoku’s Acne Elimination Kit right now, simply follow the link below. My hope is that we speak again in 2 weeks, but this time…you’re a completely new man, inside and out.


Dr. Asim Akhtar

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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"My skin first started flaring up when I was 10 years old probably due to some hormonal changes. I was plagued with large pimples on my forehead, chin and tiny whiteheads covering my cheeks.

Waking up every morning with whiteheads and blackheads on my face was a very annoying experience for me. After trying everything I finally gave up.

Then, I came across “Kyoku’s Acne Elimination Kit”. I have found this product efficient for treating acne on my face, forehead and chin. Within two weeks of its regular use, my hormonal deep pimples and dark marks on my face are entirely faded. This product is definitely worth dropping a little extra cash on. I will highly recommend using Kyoku’s products if you are suffering from acne issues.” Milton P., San Francisco, CA

“This is the ONLY product I’ve used for my acne that ACTUALLY WORKED! All those other drugstore or prescription products I used before never got me the clear skin I wanted.

After using Kyoku, I saw results in JUST 1 WEEK! My breakouts & acne looked much better and even my girlfriend saw that difference.

Over the course of the next month, my acne was TOTALLY GONE. I have no idea how they made the product so effective, but honestly...I don’t even care. I’m just happy I have clear skin and saw results immediately!! -Ledio S., Atlanta, GA

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